Matt Nicolosi  Hi, Jay. For these images I used an 85mm f/1.4 lens on a Nikon D3 camera body. Hope that helps!  Jul 1, 2008 ~ 12:31pm
JaySoto  insane work there Matt... you're an inspiration! Just curious what len(s) you used here and on what body?  Jun 27, 2008 ~ 11:50am
Jenny  sure...blame it on the timer!!  Jun 13, 2008 ~ 5:48pm
Dianna  Awww, those are so sweet!  Jun 13, 2008 ~ 12:02pm
Dennis  It is so much fun just to walk isnt it. Time for you and the one you love. That last one of Kylie is amazing.  Jun 13, 2008 ~ 7:26am
courtney  Gorgeous pictures!!  Jun 13, 2008 ~ 7:24am