Chelle  I agree that you captured the love and genuine joy of Jason and Claire. Having known them since before they were even married, I can say that the love they have is real and solid because it's grounded firmly in their personal relationships with Jesus Christ. They each love HIM more than they love each other and so their love for each other is vibrant and selfless. They are two of the most brilliantly real Christians I know! Any time spent with them will give you a real life, color photo of who Christ is and what He can do in a life fully surrendered to Him.  Mar 27, 2010 ~ 2:35pm
Allison Davis  These are stunning! I love the genuine love for each other that you captured. Beautiful session!  Mar 11, 2010 ~ 4:17pm
Crystal DelaHoz  I just love these. Especially the one of mom and dad and that black and white headshot of the cutie in pigtails ... oh and the bw of dad and little one. too many to choose between! fantastic work!  Mar 2, 2010 ~ 12:52pm
Berta  What a wonderful memory. The colors are great too. I like the black and white the best.  Feb 27, 2010 ~ 7:59pm
Sharon  WOW! You have successfully captured the hearts of our dearest friends, the Drumms. What a blessing you were to them, and I KNOW they will cherish these images forever. Praise God for your ability to capture and create memories for a lifetime. The Lord is definitely using you in a mighty way. Thank you for being so kind to our dearest friends. LOVE IT!!!!!  Feb 27, 2010 ~ 10:12am
Barbie Schwartz  Matt, I still hope to be you when I grow up! You've got amazing talent.  Feb 26, 2010 ~ 11:43am
Jason Drumm  Tears bro. Tears. Just beautiful. You have truly captured the preciousness of what we share as a family. By God's grace, He has magnificently worked in our lives. OK, now let the truth be told. Claire and Kylie planned the photo shoot weeks in advance for fun. Sounded like a great idea, but the day-of was so cold we should have realized that it was ludicrous to go out in that. The sign on the bank said 27 degrees!! MY POINT: Any photographer who can walk away from that sub-zero nightmare photoshoot in which we're all sick (including you with the dripping nose dude!!) and freezing our butts off, and come away with shots like this.... dude. Bravo! Well done. The crowd goes wild.  Feb 26, 2010 ~ 11:19am
Karen  Gorgeous work, Matt! Such a stellar session, I love how your captured their hearts! Glad to hear you're on the mend!  Feb 26, 2010 ~ 10:10am
Chad Pennington  Matt YOU are my Hero  Feb 26, 2010 ~ 8:44am
Claude  Well done Matt. As usual, you successfully captured the love and affection this family has for one another. I suspect they will cherish these images forever.  Feb 26, 2010 ~ 6:37am