Avital   Thank you very much for this! And the "little tangent" was helpful for me to make the use of the colors even better.  Nov 16, 2020 ~ 5:56pm
Ceri  I noticed it's three columns wide too and love it! How do you adjust it to be like that?  May 20, 2010 ~ 3:23pm
Cristi  Hey since you are giving away free advice.. I've done this many times before but for some reason whenever I restart my computer I lose all my custom actions, color coding, etc... Any idea why this might be happening? Thanks :)  Feb 19, 2010 ~ 1:34pm
Audry  Matt, THANKS this is great for beginner like me. Love the tutorials.  Feb 19, 2010 ~ 9:50am
Michele   thank you!!! couldn't come at a better time.  Feb 19, 2010 ~ 9:37am
Jessica Nichols  Thanks for the post! While I did know about color coding the actions... from your screen shots I saw you had your Actions panel stretched wide, so you got three columns worth. For some reason, I've never done that before.. but I love it! Totally reduces my scroll-age! Thanks.  Feb 19, 2010 ~ 9:12am