Melissa Davis  OH, the D700 is my next move up for me! I have had this idea in my head to take valentines pics of my daughter with an anitque camera and make it vintage! Tought I would have to make a cardboard one and spray paint black!lol Love these pics!  Jan 22, 2010 ~ 6:58am
Matt  @ Barbie - If you mean the images, sure. Just shoot me an email and we can talk details. If you're talking about the cameras, not so much. [grin]  Jan 21, 2010 ~ 6:48pm
tanya  I also collection old cameras, hard to find huh?! Love these, Pool party & lux soft are my fav. actions on TRA. And I am also a D700 girl! ;) These are great Matt!  Jan 21, 2010 ~ 2:47pm
Barbie Schwartz  Matt, these are freakin' awesome! Will you be selling these?  Jan 21, 2010 ~ 9:15am
Chell  These are really cool. I have been meaning to pull out some of my older cameras and shoot some pictures of them... Thanks for sharing the actions you used. I love TRA...  Jan 21, 2010 ~ 8:54am
jodi  thanks, matt. it's already on my wish list!  Jan 20, 2010 ~ 1:49pm
Matt  @ Jodi: Sure, I used a Nikon 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor lens.  Jan 20, 2010 ~ 11:27am
jodi  fabulous series, matt. can i ask what lens you used? hoping i can make my new d700 sing half as good as you get yours to!  Jan 20, 2010 ~ 7:30am