Kristy  That. Is. Hysterical.  Jan 16, 2010 ~ 12:31am
Melissa Surprise  Tetris is one of my favorite games off all time. I too had the original Nintendo and wasted many hours playing Tetris. Happy times :)  Jan 15, 2010 ~ 8:43am
shena luna  yeah, I got a little headspin myself! I'm staying away from that one before I get addicted! I'm already spending too much time playing Hold'em at! lol  Jan 14, 2010 ~ 11:41pm
Dianna  Wow, that can get addicting!  Jan 14, 2010 ~ 10:44pm
Dennis Bullock  I have a head ache now....good stuff though. Sharing on my FB.  Jan 14, 2010 ~ 5:25pm