Charlene Chavez  Matt, thanks again for another great idea and for sharing all your beautiful art that inspires us all! I am blog challenged and this definitely will help keep me on top of posting my sessions and art. I should have started this long ago.  Jan 8, 2010 ~ 10:54am
Cathy Lachine  What an amazing artist you are! I'm inspired every time I see anything you have captured/created! Thanks for sharing.  Jan 5, 2010 ~ 4:24pm
kendra  I thoroughly enjoyed your Project 213, Matt. And I laughed that you repeated days! I'm sure you're not suprised to hear I did that, too! Here's a late Christmas present for you. If you don't like charts, here's one that calculates for you. All the blinking emoticons frighten me so I use the chart. Happy New Year to you and Kylie!  Jan 2, 2010 ~ 9:07am
Andrea  I have no words! AMAZING! (except that one)  Dec 31, 2009 ~ 8:16pm
angela  Man oh Man... Just amazing Matt! Your vision is stellar! Loved every image! And I loved to get your new posts in my email, even if it wasn't everyday. I didn't count!  Dec 31, 2009 ~ 11:02am
Brooke Drellos  Seriously, are phenomenal! I think I spelled that right? :) You are an inspiration on so many levels....! Happy to new year!!  Dec 31, 2009 ~ 10:05am
Amanda  I mean 52 weeks, typo! :)  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 9:53pm
Amanda  Amazing, wonderful I could go on but sounds like everyone else is tooting the horn plenty. :) I have loved your project and you've inspired me to do a mini version Project 42 Weeks (one a week is my goal, I feel like that is more attainable). So when is that workshop you promised us????  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 9:35pm
Mary Kay  I have enjoyed your pictures so much this year! I started becoming a fan when you took the pictures of little Nate and his family and I have shared the link to your website with everyone I know. You didn't make the 365 days....guess Meryl Steep won't be in your movie!! LOL Thanks again!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 5:52pm
Stacey  Your work is wonderful, Matt! You've, obviously had an amazing year-nice captures of the moments. I give you an A for quality over quantity!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 5:41pm
Heather Roach  Your work is amazing!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 4:11pm
Linda  Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I love your work.  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 2:07pm
haley b  matt - as always, this is amazing! your work is just perfection and as everyone else has said - extremely inspiring. thanks for sharing!!!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 1:46pm
michele  Breathtaking Matt. Inspiring. I couldn't get enough! Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings your way!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 12:58pm
Claude  Awesome collection. Come to think of it, it was the pictures from Italy that got me hooked on your blog. Can't wait to see what 2010 will bring.  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 11:56am
Becky  Matt - You did better on project 365 than I would have done. You definitely rate at least a B. I loved the video. The good Lord has definitely blessed you this year! How great you have all these pictures as a memory of His blessings!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:58am
Lauren  I laughed, i cried . . . :) So much fun remebering all your funny posts, mia's red nails, tx school, the "bird" incident! I watched that vid over and over laughing till I cried! This was fun to watch & inspirational. AND I'm famous now! ;)  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:56am
jason  wow, matt. awesome. it's cool to see them all in one spot. thank you for sharing your world with us for the last year. you are an inspiration!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:27am
A.Weight  Ditto to what everyone else said..You're Truly Inspiring!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:24am
Karen  Wow, wow, wow...LOVE IT! What a fun journey you've had this year! I'm going to take the liberty of commiting you to tackling this project in 2010...there's only room for improvement, right?? ;)  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:14am
cris garza of Historical Brownsville Tx   A beautiful creation of life around the world. Thanks for the memories.  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:07am
Kara May  Geez - amazing Matt! Yet, I still can't commit to such a project. Awesome work!! What a year :)  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 10:06am
Monica  Wow, that was super fun to watch! I feel pretty proud of myself for having read every one of these posts and commenting on most of them. That's tough to do with other blogs, which goes to show how awesome you are! Happy New Year and thanks for the inspiration!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 9:36am
Cristina C  WOW. Thanks for inspiring me all year!!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 9:06am
Jaime  amazing  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 9:04am
Suzy E  Just...AMAZING!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 8:58am
Eric Benson  Good work Matt. How will you top yourself in 2010? My friend Noah runs this site "Skull a Day" you should photograph a skull to submit! :P Anyway keep it up. Inspires others to become a better photographer. Like moi.  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 8:52am
Barbie Schwartz  Matt, you never fail to simply amaze me with your talent, skill, and vision. I want to be you when I grow up!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 8:28am
Melissa Surprise  What a great year you had. Just beautiful!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 8:14am
Stephanie Piscitelli  You are quite the talent my friend! Your processing is so beautiful and you have an incredible eye. You are inspiring!!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 7:55am
Jill Louvar  I am always inspired when I look at your work! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I can't wait to see what is in store for 2010!!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 7:44am
Haley Lancaster  You have incredible talent. Thank you for sharing it with the word- truly inspiring :)  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 1:48am
Stacey Reese  Wow! Incredible slideshow! I've really enjoyed your blog all year! Your work is mighty impressive!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 1:17am