Jen Weintraub  BWAHAHAAAAA LOOOVE this! Love that you did it on on your own too-I'm not nearly that brave! Though SERIOUSLY-can't look at that type of motion-blurred image w/out feeling nauseous. Ick. I may never recover emotionally ;) Loved your card...can't wait to see what awesome work you drum out in 2010! XO, jen  Dec 31, 2009 ~ 5:21pm
Robin McQuay Anderson  Another thought - any chance of getting a turtorial on how to get the lettering to appear a part of the old brick building? Love it, would love to know it. Thanks...  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 8:53pm
haley b  i am cracking up at your incident. but YES - so worth the shot! it is aWeSoMe!!!  Dec 30, 2009 ~ 1:53pm
kendra  I did the merry-go-round shot a few years ago with my son but I was on one of the really old dangerous contraptions that has the whole center missing from the merry-go-round platform. I was able to get the merry-go-round going good by standing in the center and pushing but one slip back down in that hole as I sat precariously perched with my camera on top of the support bars and my head would have been knocked off my body. The things we do to get a photo!  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 11:27pm
Amanda H  Thanks for the laughs, honestly completely worth it. I love that image! thanks for cracking me up  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 9:22pm
Jason Drumm  Dude, 1st image totally worth the fall. It's always worth it. :-)  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 8:44pm
Garry  Matt These are great images but I really think the one of our courthouse is just fantastic! I am glad you had a good time at our home and we were glad to have you. I think you also made a new friend with my other granddog.  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 8:34pm
David  My wife and daughter both looked at me really strangely just then, wondering why I was laughing so hard at your blog. ;) So worth it, Matt. Great shots as always. You're an inspiration.  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 6:32pm
Becky  Awesome pictures, Matt!  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 12:39pm
Karen  I love it! I say it was definitely worth the pain! I mean, you have to have a good story with each image, right? And I absolutely adore the last image...timeless classic, very nice. Happy New Year, my friend!  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 10:57am
heather  that last one looks like an old painting! your processing never ceases to amaze me:)  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 10:43am
Melissa Davis  Love the merry go round picture! Will definitely find one while we are here in California!  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 10:05am
Robin McQuay Anderson  I like the challenge of finding your watermark that some of your photos offer...sorta like "Where's Waldo?" Cool images - as always!  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 8:19am
Candy  Wish I could have seen the merry-go-round. =) These are all beautiful. As always.  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 7:33am