kendra  One of these days you're going to have to tell us all about sharpening photos. Make that a resolution for 2010. You'll get to feel good because you might help me fulfill my goal to stop making mine grainy by doing it wrong while trying to make them look as crisp as yours.  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 11:37pm
Claude  Matt, It's amazing how a good clean up can spruce up a 9 yr old car! I noticed you parked it too close to the curb..must've scuffed up that Armor All job! :-)  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 9:55am
Monica  Geez, you even make images of a car for sale look good. I hope it finds a good home.  Dec 28, 2009 ~ 4:16pm
Melissa Davis  Sure wish I would have waited, looks will make someone a good vehicle. Drove to the end of Florida to get my mazada but hubby wants me to sell and get something higher off the ground!lol  Dec 28, 2009 ~ 7:40am
Dennis Bullock  Cleaned up nice Matt. I think it would be a perfect car for a new driver. What are you upgrading to?  Dec 28, 2009 ~ 7:32am