kathy Norwood  Matt, You find some of the coolest stuff around. I wish I had half your vision. Beautiful capture as always and kudos to Kylie for pointing out the piano. It looks so lonely out there in the field.  Dec 23, 2009 ~ 3:24pm
Boz  Love your creativity of where to put your logo - this one with the piano is one of my favourites so far.  Dec 22, 2009 ~ 9:36pm
Monica  Who knew the quest for fruitcake would lead to such a rich treasure of images? As we were making our way to the northern part of the Dominican Republic, I couldn't help but think that you would tell the best stories with you camera here.  Dec 22, 2009 ~ 1:36pm
Candy  I HAVE.TO.KNOW. What is the texture on the next-to-the-last image (the one with your name on the piano). If you share with me, I will send you a recipe for the best fruitcake EVER. In the WORLD. =)  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 9:58am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Nice find and super images. Now, if you had left your camera at home, wouldn't you have been kicking yourself? Love the piano...random and wonderful.  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 9:06am
Karen  matt - i don't know how you do it, but you continue to amaze me over and over again...each time is different and better than the time before! i LOVE these images and i especially like your text on the piano. you have to show me how you did that sometime! Blessings!  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 8:48am
Melissa Davis  Beautiful pictures! If you ever tasted the fruitcakes a friend of mine makes you would love them! Absolutely delicious! Lots of brandy but of course it cooks out!  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 8:34am
Verena  Love these images. Great find! And so worth the fruit cake drive. Happy Holidays!  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 8:32am
A. W  Wow, wow, WOW! Pictures like this always get me curious as to what the houses "story" is, AND why the Piano is outside. Absolutely Beautiful!  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 8:23am
Sarah Castor  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PIANO ONES! Fabulous work!  Dec 21, 2009 ~ 12:44am