Kathy Norwood  I love how you lit your Griffin. Please share, because he looks beautiful and fierce at the same time.  Dec 23, 2009 ~ 3:26pm
Chell  Best white elephant gift ever!!  Dec 17, 2009 ~ 9:15am
Susn  How about Elion the leagle?  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 8:21pm
Ray Panquerne  Or how about W.H.I.T.T which stands for What the hell is this thing.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 4:45pm
Ray Panquerne  I like Mateo, Falcor, or Jimmy.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 4:43pm
Jowhara   I think he looks like a Bernie.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 11:39am
Cathy  Ever played any MMORPG's? In fantasy games, those are called Griffons. There's one named "Grimfeather" in the game i once played. It's a fierce creature. :) So definitely find it a regal and powerful name! Of the comments so far, I like Mattagor best.. hehehe  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 9:23am
Hippie  Artemis. Hermes. or Chuck.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 9:21am
Angela Nicolosi  Looks more like a Lalcon to me. How about Lyle the Leagle? Does that scream enough testosterone for Robin?  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 8:36am
Robin McQuay Anderson  This *Lird* - that's lion+bird - fairly screams testosterone. Some guy, some very *macho* guy certainly designed this beauty. Not only do I gaze upon him with respect, I am humbled - my office/studio has nothing to compare. Call him *Talon* or *Claw* or some other crazy manly name.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 8:10am
Susan Dodd  Very, very funny!  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 7:45am
Josh  Way to take one for the team Matt! I don't know about a name, but I think you just found the subject for next year's photo a day on the blog. His awesomeness can't be captured in just one photo.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 6:21am
Dennis  Ole Blue Eyes? You should put it in a glass case just to be safe.  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 6:13am
ania  how about 'Mattagor'!  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 2:30am