michele  I just ran across these. They are incredible! Your posts always make me smile. Thx for being so talented and entertaining to boot!  Dec 31, 2009 ~ 8:28am
Karen & Bob  Beautiful pictures, Anne had told me of the pictures and we thank Jennifer for sending us an e-mail to view them  Dec 17, 2009 ~ 10:58am
Staci Brock  Beautiful, just beautiful. I so enjoy visiting your blog, such rich emotion in every photo...  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 10:57am
Pat Nicolosi  Great photos Matt.  Dec 15, 2009 ~ 8:05am
Jennifer Reames  Matt, Aaron and I can't thank you enough for capturing our family so honestly and so beautifully! Your talent is beyond description! Much love to you and Kylie!  Dec 13, 2009 ~ 9:36pm
Amy   gaw-gaw-GORGEOUS Matt! I would kill to have family pictures like this.... ok, kill is a little harsh. I'd mow your yard for sure.  Dec 13, 2009 ~ 9:22pm
Brita  You are amazing!!!  Dec 13, 2009 ~ 9:03pm
Jenifer  I would have to say, you are my favorite photographer by far and I look forward to seeing your blogs everyday! Great photos!!  Dec 12, 2009 ~ 4:16am
britt gravley  Oh my gosh...what beautiful pictures of an amazing family!!!! I love them!  Dec 11, 2009 ~ 2:30pm
Jen Weintraub  LOVE that location!  Dec 11, 2009 ~ 11:48am
Candy  My favorite. EVER. AGAIN!  Dec 10, 2009 ~ 9:39am
Angela Nicolosi  Thanks Matt. These were spectacular (we're running out of superlatives)! I haven't met Alexandra yet and am grateful for a preview of our Christmas visit.  Dec 10, 2009 ~ 7:53am