Jamie   Slightly obsessed with that last shot. ;)  Dec 16, 2009 ~ 12:26am
Julie Fraser  Love love the last one..the color is perfect!!  Nov 26, 2009 ~ 6:27pm
Crystal Delahoz  Love these ... especially the first and the last. I would kill to have one of your masterpieces in my home one day! Real artwork.  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 4:42pm
Nick Tucker  Superb photos Matt and, as always, very inspiring to those of us who share a passion for photography. I’m a regular follower of your work and with your posting of “Tucker” I just had to leave a comment. GREAT images….Woof…!  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 3:45pm
Mary Gruber  You have great vision for composition. Fabulous!  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 1:57pm
Maxim Popov  Fantastic pictures your ideas is priceless I am getting addicted to your blog.  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 11:55am
bev hawley  That last comment should have said...great session...not too good with the proof reading today.  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 10:36am
bev hawley  Get session. That last image says large wall portrait all over it.  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 10:35am
Robin McQuay Anderson  This session rocks! Awesome images, lush colors, super people, and the dog is great too!  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 9:39am
Suzy E  Awesome!!  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 8:06am
Shelley Rankin  Matt these are really amazing. I love your rich colors and how you capture a couple and their relationship perfectly. I would die to have images like this. :)  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 7:30am
Schrode  Bro - Awesome images (as always). I especially like the close-up of Lindsay look at the camera and Chris looking away. The one you took at the bottom of the steps was great too. It is pretty amazing to see the finished products from someone who was there! I also am excited because this means our photos are coming up soon :) Ohio misses you guys - come back SOON!  Nov 25, 2009 ~ 7:05am