Anne Marie Reames  What handsome nephews!  Nov 23, 2009 ~ 7:19am
Lana  I am still laughing so hard. Love it. Little concerned about the homemade metal swing in the garage...  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 3:31pm
Monica  LOL, Pony Boy. So fun to see these old pictures (the textures we try and replicate in PS ;)  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 1:47pm
Chung Nguyen  Wait, what's wrong with white socks and black shoes? I'm wearing that combo right now as I type.... :-D  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 10:40am
Ray Panquerne  I'm going to start calling you Pony Boy  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 9:59am
Becky  Thanks for the laughs this Friday am. I love the Chachi and Richie comment. The couch pic reminds me of pics of my boys that they will hate later on, too.  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 9:26am
Angela Nicolosi  Not only great to see the pics, I got to see Daisy, Precious and Taffy!  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 9:13am
Hippie  Nice pics, Calendar Boy.  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 9:12am
Nancy  Love your comments! Started off my day with a laugh!!!  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 9:01am
Dennis  Nice!  Nov 20, 2009 ~ 8:31am