Jaret  Matt, wondering if you could give up a couple of your favorite places to shoot family sessions, parks and the like. thanks  Nov 17, 2009 ~ 10:58pm
Hippie  Day 317 - Blog Fail... No time to blog, or are you still trying to get that spot out of your shirt?  Nov 17, 2009 ~ 8:00am
michele  haha - u both are weirdos!  Nov 12, 2009 ~ 2:37pm
Matt  Hahaha, Kim. Never noticed the arm-crossing thing until you mentioned it. Weird indeed. I think I have a photo of me from June of '07 with my hands in my pockets.  Nov 11, 2009 ~ 1:07pm
kimbrali  what is it with you and the folded arms? :) weirdo. and ive done far far worse. it shoes you were working hard!  Nov 11, 2009 ~ 8:45am
Jaime  job hazard! ...think that works as a tax write-off?! ;0)  Nov 11, 2009 ~ 7:47am