Jamie Kutter  so funny! I love it!  Oct 19, 2009 ~ 7:15pm
debra  oh my goodness!!! that's all i have to say... oh and by the way, too bad osu got beat this weekend!!! teehee, go purdue!!!!! (i'd rather be rooting for IU, which they won, but the purdue win was also good...)  Oct 19, 2009 ~ 12:34pm
Renee  Wow. Just. WOW!  Oct 19, 2009 ~ 6:40am
Adrienne  oh my gosh!!!!! wow those are very very red nails.  Oct 17, 2009 ~ 12:01am
Melissa  Hysterical!! LUV it!!!  Oct 16, 2009 ~ 6:16pm
tanya  There are no words Matt.... I guess Kylie will have to walk her for the next 4-6 weeks so that you don't get laughed at! Too funny!  Oct 16, 2009 ~ 10:23am
michele poole  you are such a nut. thanks for the laugh! btw, mia looks DAH-LING. i love it!!!  Oct 16, 2009 ~ 8:55am
nancy  matt, you best pull out your red sweaters so you coordinate!!  Oct 16, 2009 ~ 8:35am
Melissa A Lively  Hope you don't mind if I email your link to all my "dog friends!!!" Love this!!!  Oct 16, 2009 ~ 7:46am
apri ltodd   omg- this is by far the funniest blog post ever!!!!  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 11:23pm
Daniel Fuentealba  Oh God this made me laugh xD how...  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 6:57pm
Elena  Oh, my... I am speechless. Wow! I am with you all of the 10 thoughts that ran through my mind, however my #11 would be "I want my money back please... and keep the dog until she is back to her old self." (sorry Kylie)  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 4:01pm
Allison Davis  so funny! That is a crazy-bright red nail polish. so glad you shared. :)  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 1:26pm
Lauren  greatest. surprise. ever.  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 1:13pm
Sharon in TX  You kill me!  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 12:54pm
jessica  Oh.my.gosh. That is hilarious. I love the red nails. I dont even know what to say b/c its so funny :)  Oct 15, 2009 ~ 12:49pm