Charlene  I agree with Kendra, "He's a Maniac, Maniac..."  Oct 7, 2009 ~ 5:41pm
Tina  I see retouching on those feet!  Oct 5, 2009 ~ 10:07am
april todd  How in the world did you sleep through this!! LOL- too funny...Mia is a true talent!  Oct 3, 2009 ~ 11:39am
Debbie  Something about the socks (smell)...our one-year old golden swallows 'em whole.  Oct 3, 2009 ~ 8:09am
Claude  Funny. Bet you clipped those toe nails before taking the picture!  Oct 3, 2009 ~ 7:45am
Angela Nicolosi  OMG! And you slept through it??? She does amazing work, just like her "father", though I prefer your medium...  Oct 2, 2009 ~ 3:40pm
kendra  For some reason, all I can think of is Flashdance.  Oct 2, 2009 ~ 2:09pm
Matt Anderson  Awesome work was done while you slumbered.  Oct 2, 2009 ~ 2:08pm