Erin Carlyle  Totally got me into the Fall mood...LOVE THESE!  Oct 8, 2009 ~ 12:12pm
Charlene Chavez  I {Heart} your images and can spend an entire day here!  Oct 7, 2009 ~ 5:43pm
Daniel Fuentealba  You have such an eye Matt... great pictures. While you're entering to fall here the trees are showing some colors :) greetings from Chile!  Sep 28, 2009 ~ 11:52am
Candy  I love the fall. =)  Sep 28, 2009 ~ 9:28am
Monica  Awwww, Matt, these are beautiful (love the hanging corn). Who would have thought to bring a camera to go pick up take-out? Oh, yeah, you :)  Sep 28, 2009 ~ 9:02am
Suzy E  Lovely images!  Sep 28, 2009 ~ 8:33am