kimbrali  bahahahhahaha! what do you mean lame? this is LAMAZING. not to be confused with lamaze. this has nothing to do with that. :)  Sep 30, 2009 ~ 11:50am
Brittany  TRUE THAT! and it like the title :)  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 1:40pm
Matt Anderson  Patrick- I have seen the app, and I'm thinking about buying it.  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 1:35pm
Ralph Grant  Dude, I have an 85mm f/1.4 arriving at my door this Friday after your blog has shown me what I can do with such a fine piece of glass. Now you go and ruin my justification with this post....... :)  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 1:00pm
Monica  Amen, brother...after lots of angst I've decided instead to take my point-and-shoot to Italy :) With all the stuff you have to lug around with a toddler, I'm sacrificing and leaving the big guns at home.  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 12:39pm
Tina  Shhhh.... Don't let Jerry hear you! I want/need a new camera!!  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 8:55am
Patrick  Matt, have you seen the Best Camera iPhone app? You might want to check it out.  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 8:53am
Matt Anderson  You know, it you would have turned toward the light a bit, it would be better, since you aren't flat and wouln't look like a "tool"... just kidding. I like the idea behind the picture. Heck, I shoot with a very old, very used Rebel... when Canon first went to digital. I have some great shots with an old A80 point-and-shoot, but the noise on them kills me. I know what you mean about getting shots with not-so-good gear. I have seen Chase Jarvis' iPhone art and still can't believe he can get that on an iPhone. That's some awesome talent.  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 8:42am
A. Weight  Aaahahahahaaha! iPhone camera as your back up camera? Talk about level headed...thanks for the post, now I'm inspired to go learn the in's and outs of my old DSLR to see it it'll take shots as good as your iPhone because if it doesn't then I'm asking for an iPhone!  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 8:07am