Kimberly  That's hilarious! When I played the second video, my two dogs jumped up from a dead sleep when they heard her bark!!  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 1:16pm
tanya  That's so funny! We can't have the Animal Planet channel on out our house, our Golden Ret. goes nuts!!  Sep 24, 2009 ~ 11:03am
Rachel L.  when i started playing this video, my dog went nuts! she started running around barking and looking for another dog. she kills me. mia is adorable.  Sep 23, 2009 ~ 9:05pm
Susan Solo  Oh my gosh, she is just the cutest! Loved watching both videos.  Sep 23, 2009 ~ 1:44pm
kendra  Love that she went and looked behind the TV when the commercial was over. Too cute!  Sep 23, 2009 ~ 11:15am