Luis Murillo  Question about your signature on the that added on photoshop or after the image has been printed? If it's added prior to printing, how do you know it won't get cut off?... I'm interested because I've started to have some of my photos printed and framed and would definitely like to sign them like that ;)  Dec 8, 2008 ~ 1:42pm
Heather Rogers  i just found my new favorite BLOG... announce a class and i'll sign up! you rock! heather  May 29, 2008 ~ 8:24am
sarah raanan  I LOVE this! Am rushing out to buy a shelf!!  May 27, 2008 ~ 2:31pm
Vikki  I have never seen this style of putting together images before. Awesome. And your imaging is SUPERB! Love your style. I also have some on Flickr too. I admire photographers who has a sense of their own style. It helps us beginners. Thank you.  May 26, 2008 ~ 9:00pm