David  Which of Kevin Kubota's Actions has Tea Stain?  Sep 23, 2009 ~ 7:21am
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Cathy Luke  Thanks for sharing! I've always wondered how you do what you do! :) I love your style! I look forward to more posts like this!  Aug 26, 2009 ~ 5:37pm
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Suzy E  Thanks Matt! I've been hoping you would share some of your post-processing techniques. I have the TRA actions and love seeing what recipes others use. Thanks so much! Look forward to more posts like this. Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll do a workshop along these lines someday!  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 11:15am
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Dennis Bullock  Good stuff Matt! How about sharpening for the web or for print? What is your process? I would like to request a walk through of one of these portraits for next time. Love that enhanced warm look and the sharpen crispyness of them. http://www.mattnicolosiblog.com/index.cfm?postID=133  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 8:01am
Monica  Who know a telephone could look so...expressive. Thanks, Matt.  Aug 25, 2009 ~ 7:55am