Candace  He is so HOT! Does he live in GA? lol Seriously, great photos!  Aug 23, 2009 ~ 4:38pm
Charlene  Just let me know when you're in SF, you're so hired to shoot my two boys!  Aug 20, 2009 ~ 12:13am
Jessica  You are a genius....if you werent married, and I werent married...I would so marry you!!Thats how ridiculous your skills are :) LOVE the work!  Aug 19, 2009 ~ 10:02pm
Sharon  As my 4 year old would say "Holy Crap!" These are fantastic!  Aug 18, 2009 ~ 5:46pm
MNFan  Incredible Work! How do you go about "neutralizing" the multiple colors?  Aug 18, 2009 ~ 7:48am
Elaine  Great work! As usual, sooo worth is stealing (ahem..I mean borrowing) apartment lady's chair! That was one of my fave shots. Love to hear what inspires a pic. CANNOT wait to get my hands on your textures and play...  Aug 18, 2009 ~ 7:26am
Mario Moreno  Been a while since I posted here however I still track your work on a regular basis. This was an awesome series...gave me some fresh ideas for that rugged guy shoot. Nice work! MM  Aug 17, 2009 ~ 10:18pm
Suzy E  Awesome, Matt. Oh, how I wish I could learn lighting the way you do it. Very impressive work, as always.  Aug 17, 2009 ~ 2:01pm
Stacey  These are great, Matt! It can be tough to photograph adults-unlike kids they are so self-conscious! I think these images will make a fabulous portfolio for him!  Aug 17, 2009 ~ 10:02am
Amanda Owen  These are just awesome! I love what you do with I really do! One day I will be able to afford a whole wall of your day...  Aug 16, 2009 ~ 7:38pm
michele poole  um, yeah. poor guy's door will be knocked down after this post ;) i love them all, but really diggin the last one (glad you made one last stop). as melissa would say...soultrain!  Aug 15, 2009 ~ 9:09pm
Karen  These are all incredible images! I love your night-time images, Matt! I'm always amazed how you find light sources (and props!) in the most unexpected places!  Aug 15, 2009 ~ 7:36pm
Amanda H  Super Cool, Love these great shots especially in low light. not a bad looking fella (obviously), I have some single friends that would just love him. I am sure he will be snatched quickly thanks to this post. :)  Aug 15, 2009 ~ 5:31pm