Matt  @Macey: My Mac Pro workstation is a little over a year old. Still not sure whay happened, but Thursday before I was about to load it into the car to take it in to get fixed it started working just fine. Hmmm...  Aug 15, 2009 ~ 5:54pm
Charlene  My sincere sympathy! Never heard this happen to any of my Mac friends.  Aug 13, 2009 ~ 7:13pm
Elaine  Ok, I won't snicker when you're down...hehe...snicker...snicker...Ok, I couldn't help it! :) Only because that happens to me every other day on my PC! I've just learned how to deal with it...Pick up the computer, tap on it gently, all the while saying "I should've bought a PC!" (isn't that a commercial or something?)  Aug 12, 2009 ~ 4:10pm
Hippie  That's the good thing about a PC, they break down so often people are used to fixing and recovering information off of them! There is a cornucopia of "qualified" people and software to fix the problems.  Aug 12, 2009 ~ 8:38am
Maxim  Mac should work forever i think this is one of the case that's very unusual. Costumer service people they can be on training in apple and did not realize that t hey should be more helpful with customers. I got of my friends that;s works for apple in you need help can ask them.  Aug 11, 2009 ~ 1:13pm
Macey  I am so discouraged to hear of your Mac problem!!!! I had plans also of purchasing a Mac Book Pro. in the near future......sigh...........................please tell us how long you have had your Mac and what happens when you go in for your Apple Dr's appt. Please! Sincerly, Macey  Aug 11, 2009 ~ 9:44am
Rachel Logan  This makes me sorry.  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 9:48pm
Amy  oh geez... how old is your mac? i'm going to be getting the Mac Pro in a couple of weeks. now you have me nervous!  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 9:22pm
Meredith  You too? My little Mac got a hiccup in her operating system and just couldn't boot. I was devasted. Thought my friend had gone on to the big laptop in the sky. But I did get her fixed up. All better. And this was after going to the Mac when my HP decided to implode. Hope you hear some good news. Cheers to all Mac users!!  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 3:44pm
Klemen  Yay, it's gone, thank you so much!  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 3:24pm
Matt  Hi, Klemen/Anita. Thanks for your comments and letting me know about the non-breaking-space issue. Before your comments, I wasn't aware that was even happening. I talked to my website guy and he has fixed this issue. Thanks again!  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 3:12pm
anita  i totally agree with the commenter above re : nbrs regarding macs, i'm a total make girl and can only sympathise for your loss. anita :)  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 1:28pm
Klemen  Hi. Could you be so kind and tell your website guys to fix the "non-breaking-space" error in your rss feed? It's been appearing ever since all the text dissapeared and when it came back, all this nbsp came along. I thought it's a bug (better that than nothing!) and that it will be fixed in no time, but it's quite persistant bug, I suppose.. So PLEASE, get rid of it for all of us that use rss readers. Oh, and btw: PC rocks!  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 1:06pm