ISABEL  I love the captures of the family...very sweet images!  Sep 8, 2009 ~ 3:22pm
Lauren  Ohhhhhhh the tippy toes!!!! Great stuff!  Sep 3, 2009 ~ 5:35pm
Jeana  I love this whole series...incredible captures of this family and I love the images outside...what a cute little boy!  Aug 18, 2009 ~ 9:54am
sally   love, love , love all of these matt. what a personality you captured!!  Aug 12, 2009 ~ 3:47pm
Dianna  So cute!!  Aug 10, 2009 ~ 1:41am
Latoisha  I love them all!!! Some of the best pictures I've seen in a very long time.  Aug 9, 2009 ~ 4:23pm
Amber  The outdoor images are some of the best I've seen this year! Great job! Max is a little ham.  Aug 9, 2009 ~ 3:29pm
Monica  These are all great images...and not easy in this crazy heat. I'm amazed by that toe-standing shot! Amazed by all of it actually :)  Aug 9, 2009 ~ 2:09pm
Melissa  Those are so funny! I love the look on the very last image. It made me laugh out loud! Some of the others are just precious.  Aug 9, 2009 ~ 11:55am
Candy  Great session. LOVE the outdoor stuff...makes me smile...=)  Aug 9, 2009 ~ 2:01am
Paige Pearson  FABULOUS!  Aug 8, 2009 ~ 9:52pm
Amanda H  Hi Matt, loving this shoot. How fun!! What lens did you use inside for those shots and can share your settings? thanks. LOVE the sprinkler shot  Aug 8, 2009 ~ 5:38pm
Dennis Bullock  Fantastic Matt! Dallas had better be clearing some wall space!  Aug 8, 2009 ~ 4:43pm