Lauren Walker  Hi, I just found your blog, your photos are awesome, but these 2 would have to be the best. love them! thanks for sharing :)>  Aug 18, 2009 ~ 8:10pm
michelle  LOL, this is the best! So glad you got the shot, it's the best!  Aug 8, 2009 ~ 12:42pm
Stacey  Ha-ha! Good plan-round 'em up and put 'em all in one place. Easy to keep track of. Cute! (At least Mia had some company-lol!)  Aug 3, 2009 ~ 8:49pm
Karen  cute, cute! wow, check out that image of kylie! what size is that bad boy?? i likes it!  Aug 3, 2009 ~ 2:03pm
Molly W.  Love it! Great capture. My blog has been a little sparse this summer too...its summer, we all get a break right?!  Aug 2, 2009 ~ 11:44am
Kylene Cleaver  OMG my son does this all the time :-)  Jul 31, 2009 ~ 1:14pm
Curtis Copeland  What a cute girl! Nice photo. Thanks for sharing!  Jul 30, 2009 ~ 1:10pm
Melissa  Maybe I should get one of these for my new design studio :)  Jul 30, 2009 ~ 12:20pm
Monica  So cute, Matt. Hope you're feeling better.  Jul 30, 2009 ~ 8:38am
Kay  You should submit this in a photo contest and I bet you would win hands down...If pictures are meant to make you laugh the second one wins a prize. How CUTE! What a precious little girl and dog too, of course....  Jul 30, 2009 ~ 7:36am