michele poole  stunning! the bride and the album!  Aug 3, 2009 ~ 10:26am
Melissa  Just beautiful! I can't wait to see what your baby albums will look like (some day) :)  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 6:33pm
Rebekah Pope  Beautiful!!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 5:15pm
Daniel Fuentealba  great quality... love the cover! cheers Matt!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 3:35pm
Karen  gorgeous, matt! i am assuming you got this on pearl! i can't wait to see your next one!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 11:15am
tanya  Lucky girl! I love these books too & have been making a lot of them for clients. Kylie's book, of course is stunning! Great work once again Matt.  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 10:31am
Mollie Kendall  Beautiful!! I like their books as well. Your images of her are amazing, as usual!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 10:20am
Jill Louvar  What an amazing series! You images always rock the house! Good job!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 10:19am
Tina  AWESOME, Matt! Can't wait to see it in person.  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 9:31am
Monica  Oh what a lucky girl! Geez, Matt, even your images of images are amazing.  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 8:57am
Becky  Very nice!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 8:33am
Shelley Rankin  Oh this is stunning. Well your images are the reason... just love this. Beautiful keepsake!  Jul 17, 2009 ~ 8:02am