Erin Carlyle  This made me giggle...too cute!  Jun 4, 2009 ~ 9:52am
Molly W.  Haha, that's awesome, love it! So Matt, I'm here in Rome and I keep thinking to myself "Matt took an awesome picture of that! Why am I taking one then?!" :) Your pictures definitely did Rome justice (incase you were at all wondering)!  Jun 1, 2009 ~ 3:08pm
Elaine  Oh my gosh...too funny! Wasn't sure what to expect! What a great sport she is! And Kudos to you for coming up with the idea/fantasy! LOL! Must be every male photographer's dream!!!  Jun 1, 2009 ~ 8:19am
april todd  That is hillarious!  May 31, 2009 ~ 11:35pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Ginnie - Haha... is that pun intended? "Flash" photography? [grin] Okay, seriously, I do occasionally use flash when I shoot, but never a built-in pop-up flash and rarely even on-camera flash. I know some that use it and get great results, but I just can't get a look I'm happy with using on-camera flash most of the time. During outdoor (and some indoor) sessions, I use a flash (Nikon SB-800) with a 22x22" soft box attachment and fire it using Pocket Wizards. I usually have my assistant hold the light at the angle I want it at, but sometimes I'll use a light stand. Hope that helps. @ Bryce - since she's your sister, awkward is the appropriate response. I'd be worried if you said something positive.  May 31, 2009 ~ 10:02pm
Bryce  I dont even know what to put here.... other than the word "awkward"  May 31, 2009 ~ 8:21pm
kendra  Ah-ha-ha-ha! What a good sport!  May 31, 2009 ~ 6:30pm
Ginnie  And I was thinking that's how you get your clients to smile so big... PS- Just wondering, do you use a flash when you shoot?  May 31, 2009 ~ 11:30am
Stephanie  You two are now *officially* my favorite couple ever.  May 31, 2009 ~ 9:00am
Suzy E  LOL, very cute!!  May 31, 2009 ~ 8:35am