Barbie Schwartz  Dang, Matt. I live here, and I never see the amazing photographs you found in a weekend. You got some serious talent.  Jun 8, 2009 ~ 6:33pm
Amber V  I don't know how I caught the chiggar post and missed this one! Glad you had a nice trip! I'm a native Nashvillian and I must say you did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of our fine city :)  Jun 8, 2009 ~ 10:25am
Jason Drumm  Too much fun you guys. Looks like you had too much fun. I love places like this with much history behind them. Not much of that in Texas.  Jun 1, 2009 ~ 5:49pm
Garry  It must be in the cameria setup because all I did was point and click of you and Kylie. What a great picture I took!!!  May 31, 2009 ~ 7:55pm
Candy   Do you have a publication date for your book on Americana? Just sayin'...  May 31, 2009 ~ 11:00am
Nicole McLaughlin  I'm with inspiring!! You get me everytime! And Kylie can take a bad photo right??? Your giving us girls a complex!! :) The one of her and her parents is so cute!  May 31, 2009 ~ 9:03am
Elaine  Wow! I kept thinking the next picture can't possibly be as good as this one, but you kept proving me wrong! Really, honestly, truly...Great Photos!!! Loved every single one of them. Didn't want this post to end!!!  May 30, 2009 ~ 9:08pm