Kyle  Bad luck...or good luck depending on how you look at it :) I got run over by a car last week so I know what you mean about facing your own mortality!  Jun 7, 2009 ~ 7:54pm
Anne-Marie  What a chilling story. Glad to hear you're both okay!  Jun 1, 2009 ~ 10:29am
Daniel Fuentealba  thanks for sharing this Matt. I'm glad both of you are OK!  May 30, 2009 ~ 8:48pm
Stacy   so scary. glad you are both OK.  May 30, 2009 ~ 2:36pm
april todd   that is so terrifying- glad to know everything is ok- and you are so right- God was in total control of that situation!  May 29, 2009 ~ 10:41pm
Rae Mati  Thank you God you are ok. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder. I just had a very unpleasant LQ with my DH and after reading this I am definitely going to apologize and show how much he means to me. THANKS!  May 29, 2009 ~ 9:59pm
Rita   Im so glad you guys are okay!! Almost Heaven wow jus a little reminder live each day to its fullest:)  May 29, 2009 ~ 9:09am
kimbrali  so so so so glad that you two are ok. what a terrifying moment that must have been. and love gods sense of humor :)  May 28, 2009 ~ 11:44pm
debra  god still has great plans for you guys!!!! glad you came out alright. i guess it's times like these that reminds us of our blessings and to not take things for granted. even the little things....  May 28, 2009 ~ 11:11pm
gina  Amen!  May 28, 2009 ~ 10:15pm
Jo Burns  God, bless! What a testimony. I lived through a similar experience at your age. It is quite terrifying and awesome at the same time. You can tell the hand of God is with you because the instant at which it happened was where nothing really terrible could happen and you end up shaken but not broken.  May 28, 2009 ~ 7:40pm
kendra  So glad you and Kylie came through the accident unharmed, Matt. And thank you for sharing your faith through your experience!  May 28, 2009 ~ 4:01pm
karen g  Grace....and just think in that horrible moment, it was a "graceful" dance choregraphed by the Lord! Sometimes it seems we get to "dance" when we least expect it! Love your blog!  May 28, 2009 ~ 9:12am
Cristina C  wow, I am so glad you guys are ok! what a horrible scare!  May 28, 2009 ~ 8:53am
Andi Ice  So glad that you and Kylie were not hurt. That had to be so scary, and when something like that happens it just drains you physically and mentally. I would have also tried to correct if I were driving. Hopefully, it will never happen, but if it would I will have to try and remember not too. I had to laugh at Jerry's comment!  May 28, 2009 ~ 8:32am
Liz W.  Isn't it awesome to have the comfort of knowing without a doubt that God is in control, no matter what happens? So glad He wanted you guys to stick around down here a little longer!  May 28, 2009 ~ 8:23am
Shelley Rankin  What a wake up call for you, Kylie and us now that you have shared your story. God was certainly there beside you. It was not your time and he was looking out for you with all the steps leading up to it. Good for Kylie for handling herself so well. Doubtful I would have. So happy to hear you are ok!  May 28, 2009 ~ 6:51am
Christin  Thanks be to God for all things!  May 28, 2009 ~ 4:37am
adibagus  I'm glad you two okay, it's really a miracle. Then I won't miss your wonderfull pictures... best regards, from your fans from Indonesia....  May 28, 2009 ~ 4:33am
jason  wow. glad you two are okay. thanks for the reminder to be thankful for everything.  May 27, 2009 ~ 11:11pm
Charlene  Whoah! Glad you two are ok! My hubby had a similar experience about a year ago. This is why we should all live like it's our last day here! God Bless!  May 27, 2009 ~ 6:43pm
Jerry  So in the first picture of your car, what ISO were you shooting and what was the equipment?  May 27, 2009 ~ 4:50pm
Sharon in TX  So thankful that you are both OK. I've also gone into a spin on a wet road. Not as scary as yours, but I will ALWAYS remember that feeling of helplessness. I'm giving extra hugs at my house today!  May 27, 2009 ~ 3:39pm
Jessica  SO glad you're OK! Had to pop in and ask if you noticed that the clouds over the gate look like a dove in flight to you? Amazing...  May 27, 2009 ~ 12:57pm
Irene  Wow, I am so glad you are OK. That same exact thing happened to me one rainy day. Actually, the roads were just a bit wet, it wasn't even raining. I was driving along just daydreaming when suddenly my car was spinning. I had the SAME EXACT THOUGHTS as you. I was calm and just thought - I am going to hit something, I will probably die. Suddenly, my car stopped and I was sitting unscathed in a field. I KNOW God was looking out for me as there are fences and electrical poles and drop offs everywhere along this road. That I actually found a small opening to a flat field AND I didn't hit another car was amazing. And when I stopped, a car passed by, looked at me and made the sign of the cross on himself. I was driving a tiny Dodge Neon and I had a 9 month old baby at home. I 100% believe that my guardian angel was with me that day.  May 27, 2009 ~ 10:59am
Chad Morgan  Matt, glad you're okay. I've had a couple of those moments. Scary for sure!  May 27, 2009 ~ 10:25am
Karen  wow, words cannot express how scary that must've been. thank God that you and Kylie are alright and thank you for that valuable reminder...God is good.  May 27, 2009 ~ 9:34am
Courtney  God is truly amazing. I've been in a similar situation where I was also the passenger and not the driver (just a year ago last month actually) and we actually rolled several times off the interstate. All the windows in the car broke and glass was everywhere. Yet myself, the 7 year old little girl sitting in the backseat and my friend who was driving were all basically scratch free. Its crazy how many different things you can think of that may have changed the course of the day, but in the end, it happened. And all you can do is praise God and his Grace. I'm so glad to hear that you and Kylie are okay. :)  May 27, 2009 ~ 8:43am
michele  matt. i got chills. when i saw the pic on FB i immediately thought that god was smiling down on you two. he's trying to keep it in perspective for you ;) look forward to seeing you safe and sound in a couple of weeks! yay.  May 27, 2009 ~ 8:32am
Suzy E  I know that what happened to you was so scary but can't you look back now and say to yourselves that you feel a little closer to God now? And that He used this as a life lesson? I am thankful that you give God the glory and allow Him to use you even on this blog. Thanks Matt! So thankful you and Kylie are ok.  May 27, 2009 ~ 8:13am
Ash McSorley  Scary. Glad to hear everything worked out and no one was hurt!  May 27, 2009 ~ 8:02am
tommie  So glad you are both OK. I had a similar incident about a year ago with my husband and I was driving. God is awesome in his strength and knowledge!  May 27, 2009 ~ 7:54am
Melissa  So scary. I am glad you are both ok. We all need to sit back and appreciate every day for what it is.  May 27, 2009 ~ 7:43am
ally  Thank you for sharing! I will certainly hug my family a little tighter today. God does nothing without a purpose.  May 27, 2009 ~ 7:28am
sally   Glad you are both o.k.!! In a literal & figurative way - sometimes letting go and not trying to control things does allow Him to show us His grace.  May 27, 2009 ~ 5:16am
Molly W.  I'm so glad you both are okay. God is so good, isn't he?  May 27, 2009 ~ 3:33am
Sarah  Wow! God is SO tremendously good, isn't he? Life lessons come in all shapes, sizes and severities... I've had a few doozies myself but He always shows me something from them. I realize growth or potential or change needed or just that He has me here on this Earth for purpose!!  May 27, 2009 ~ 1:30am