JPK  Matt, listen to Kylie! Constantly running on a nearly empty tank could lead to a broken fuel pump. Gas lubricates the bearings in the fuel pump and also acts as a coolant for the pump. A nearly empty tank allows room for water in gas to evaporate which leads to rust. Finally, recall that gas vapors ignite, not the liquid!  Jun 3, 2009 ~ 11:42am
Jason Drumm  somebody please send this to my friends and family and let them know I am not the only one who takes photos while driving.  Jun 1, 2009 ~ 5:53pm
Donna   You definitely don't believe in wasting time since you are driving while taking the picture. You are nuts! I agree with Kylie about filling the tank up before it gets on empty. If you take the time you wait for someone to bring you gas to the time you saved by filling it up, I can't see that you really save that much. Besides I have heard it's better to not let the tank get empty before filling it up.  May 28, 2009 ~ 8:55am
Monica  Well, I thought you must have taken a quick snapshot, until I remember the D700 has no green auto button! Did you set up your calibration screen, set your custom white balance and exposures before pressing the shutter? As your eyes darted from the windshield to your menu screen, rearview mirror, menu screen, windshield...  May 26, 2009 ~ 2:15pm
kendra  My justification has always been that I know I still have at least 30 miles of travel after my fuel light comes on, according to the manual. I'm going to start using your excuse because Shawn's biggest pet peeve is using your time inefficiently. You're just a wealth of knowledge!  May 26, 2009 ~ 8:53am
Kathy  Nikon D700 (Body only) $2400.00...24-70 f/2.8 lens (new) $899.00...Explaining why you were going 74mph while taking a picture of your dashboard to a Tennessee highway patrolman.....Priceless!  May 26, 2009 ~ 8:42am
paula Tuck that away somewhere. When you have a photo-taking induced crash, you'll need it. However, if the insurance company gets ahold of a link to your blog, there's not a attorney anywhere that will take your case. :o) heehee.  May 26, 2009 ~ 8:35am
Julie  I'm going to stand behind Kylie on this one..there's nothing I hate more then driving with someone who has no gas, I start to freak out.. they always say " don't worry, were fine, I know my car".. yah, whatever!!  May 26, 2009 ~ 8:02am
Sharon in TX  I'm with ya ... and I've only run out of gas once, no wait, twice. That one time on the freeway was kinda scary, but I made it. Also, I like to buy my car tags a month late, so after 12 years I get a free one. :)  May 26, 2009 ~ 7:40am
jason  " see, officer.....I was taking a photo with my new camera....and well the gas light came on....yes, sir...i need to document that for my blog readers. No... they really do like this stuff...No, sir, I haven't had anything to drink."  May 25, 2009 ~ 11:56pm
Ginnie  So at first I thought you were kidding about the 74mph thing and I laughed. Then I was a little bit more observant and realized you weren't kidding. And I still laughed. That is some awesome multi-tasking skills you have.  May 25, 2009 ~ 10:19pm
Elaine  Here...HERE! Finally someone that agrees with me! My hubby never understands why I wait til I'm almost running on fumes to get gas! TIME WASTER!!! LOL!!  May 25, 2009 ~ 9:59pm