Azlyn Ibrahim  really love your work, I'm new in texture editing world.. learn a lot from your web, hope to learn more.. tq  Aug 27, 2010 ~ 3:57am
Heather  Very nice give away - you've create some Great textures! And thanks for the awareness about the Fox Gives Back Missing. hmmm  May 11, 2009 ~ 9:13pm
Gina  okay..I am the 18th commenter and it is already gone...hummm.... bummer...  May 11, 2009 ~ 5:19pm
Elaine  AAaaahhh!!! Missed it!! :) And I check this blog a few times a day when you're slacking in posts!!!! (I'm not a stalker...I swear...) :O  May 11, 2009 ~ 4:12pm
Ash McSorley  Well it sayd to contact the sender and have them resend it... I guess I didn't make the cut this time... I'll have to wait for the next Matt gives back session :)  May 11, 2009 ~ 3:05pm
amy  DANG!! too late.  May 11, 2009 ~ 2:35pm
linds  I'm too late, bummer!!!  May 11, 2009 ~ 9:58am
Suzy E  Darn! I'm too late! And I even checked your blog late last night. The texture is beautiful, Matt!  May 11, 2009 ~ 8:06am
Robyn  Thanks Matt! I've been thinking about buying your textures. I'm sure after I play with this one, I'll *HAVE* to have them all. :)  May 11, 2009 ~ 7:33am
paula  oh, thank you. thank you. thank you! Everything does taste better with texture. And this is a beauty. Mwaaaa.  May 11, 2009 ~ 7:28am
Claude  Thank you Matt. Its nice to have a bit of Nicolosi in my tool box.  May 11, 2009 ~ 7:12am
jenny  thanks matt!! i'm with would be neat to see what people have done with the texture, including you!! :)  May 11, 2009 ~ 7:06am
Josh Husted  What an amazing gift to wake up to this morning! Thank You! Another awesome idea would be to set up a place where users can post there pictures, using the texture(s), so the world can see that 'everything tastes better with texture'.  May 11, 2009 ~ 6:48am
Chris Guillou  Hey there, thought I'd say thanks, having been part of the "Luck 25" I feel I have to put this to to the best use :) Chris - Paris France  May 11, 2009 ~ 6:17am
Philip Casey  Matt you rock!  May 11, 2009 ~ 3:50am
Molly W.  Got it! THANKS MATT!!  May 11, 2009 ~ 3:03am
Sarah Castor  Awesome! Thank you! This was definitely worth waiting up for! Even though I can't hardly see because I am so tired! I am so glad I was still awake to catch this awesome texture!  May 11, 2009 ~ 2:43am
peter Taylor  forgot to say thanks! matt you rock! Thanks! pt  May 11, 2009 ~ 2:23am
peter Taylor  of course it is working now! lol! pt  May 11, 2009 ~ 2:20am
peter Taylor  i am up way too late as it seems you are also. the link is not working, just letting you know! pt  May 11, 2009 ~ 2:19am