kimbrali  yippee!!!! so nice of you to spread the word about this amazing film! obviously i have been missing from your blog lately due to the dreaded crash of 09 ( my hard drive) anywho. youve got to see it. let me know when you do!  May 6, 2009 ~ 11:11pm
Elaine  This is the 2nd movie you've recommended (to my knowledge anyways...maybe more?) and the first "Fireproof" I absolutely LOVED!! Made my hubby watch it too, and he loved it too. This movie looks great as well. A definite "must-see".  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 3:43pm
michele  awesome. i've waiting for an atlanta screening... just posted to facebook - this should be shared with the world. thx kimbrali & matt for sharing :-)  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 9:33am
Monica  This looks like an intense 2-boxes of Kleenex film. I doubt they will be showing it at the Alamo Drafthouse.  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 8:35am
Suzy E  Thanks for sharing this Matt. I watched the trailer and now I have tears in my eyes. Sometimes, in this world we live in, it's easy to forget what the strong arm of God's Love can do.  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 8:03am