Candy  Okay, Sprinkles a regional thing? Wish your camera would have been faster, because I have no idea what I missed. We have a place called Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR...but I've got a feeling it's nowhere near the same thing. :)  Apr 28, 2009 ~ 10:06am
Monica  You have the best clients ever!!!  Apr 26, 2009 ~ 2:07pm
Karen  are you home yet?? was so excited to see a Sprinkles is opening in Houston this summer!  Apr 26, 2009 ~ 12:14pm
Molly W.  I'm a Sprinkles addict so I can appreciate this. Man, I miss them!  Apr 26, 2009 ~ 6:03am
Ma'ele  oooohhhh! I just indulged in this guilty pleasure today. YUUUUUMM!!! What wonderful clients you have! Any favorites???  Apr 26, 2009 ~ 2:07am