Ash McSorley  Put new photos up of our girl Anna! shes 1.9lbs our boy Indy is 7lbs. Incase you our your wife want to take a peek!  May 5, 2009 ~ 9:16am
Ash McSorley  We just got a second Yorkie yeterday! A two month old girl named Anna. Our boy is a year and a month and his name is Indy ;) Photos will be up soon!!  Apr 27, 2009 ~ 9:24am
Carol  Next time try having the pups meet outside and immediately start walking. Something about a good walk, sniff and exercise seems to do the trick.  Apr 25, 2009 ~ 10:42pm
Gina  We had the same problems with our dog until we enrolled her little butt in puppy class. The socialization worked like a charm!  Apr 25, 2009 ~ 1:56pm
Elizabeth  So cute! I love that picture!  Apr 25, 2009 ~ 12:56pm