Veronika  Some serious "Blue Steel" going on there.  Apr 22, 2009 ~ 11:47pm
kanaboke  Okay seriously who wouldn't want you as a photographer?? You have me laughing so hard I can only imagine what a photo shoot would be like with you BEHIND the camera!!..BTW, McChachi and Mc Serial-Killy...right on the money dude! Baaahahahahahahaha!  Apr 22, 2009 ~ 10:18am
Paula  LOL! You sure have some great friends Matt. Crazy. . .yes, but seriously great. Thanks for the morning chuckle. I need that. :o)  Apr 22, 2009 ~ 8:17am
Matt Nicolosi  @ Elaine: Makeup tips? No. Secrets to fresh smelling towels? Yes.  Apr 22, 2009 ~ 1:05am
jason  please return your "man card" at the front desk when you leave..... ..these were hilariously awesome. thanks for the laugh.  Apr 21, 2009 ~ 10:42pm
tania funniest post i've ever read on a blog...EVER. so glad there are still people in the world who don't take themselves too seriously. so glad kendra reminded me of your blog. i made my way here a while back after paula b. introduced me to you through scrapsupply. anywho. awesome blog.  Apr 21, 2009 ~ 9:29pm
Elaine  Did you guys share makeup tips in the washroom as well??? ;)  Apr 21, 2009 ~ 5:39pm