Laslo  Just bought you package. I can't wait to put my hands on. Please send me the ling  May 6, 2012 ~ 5:17am
Grace  Do these work with LR3 as a plug in?  Apr 27, 2011 ~ 5:13pm
Dave Tyrer  Hi...what size are the images? Thanks  Dec 9, 2010 ~ 5:55am
Angela  I like the textures and the mood they provide. My question is can you limit what the texture may be applied to? Such as buildings, walls, and omit the main subject you were aiming for to being with. Or do you have to apply the texture withing the full radius of the shot?  May 18, 2010 ~ 12:23am
Jason Williams  These textures look great! You noted that they are 300 dpi jpgs but what are the dimensions (in pixels) of the textures? Thanks.  Jun 10, 2009 ~ 12:15pm
Dianna  Catchy long did it take you to come up with them?  Apr 19, 2009 ~ 9:59pm
Elaine  Ok, I need to get my hands on these!! Now if you would only let us in on your post processing techniques!!  Apr 19, 2009 ~ 8:41pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Steph - I checked and PS Elements does use layers and blending modes, so the textures will work fine. Hope that helps!  Apr 19, 2009 ~ 3:46pm
Steph  These are simply stunning!!! If anyone has tried them in Elements and knows that they will work, please let us know. I will hit that PayPal button right away. :)  Apr 19, 2009 ~ 3:38pm
shena luna  I love the creative names you came up with... I haven't gone through all of them yet... but DAVIDS-GOT-THE-RUNS kills me! LOL Can't wait to test these out!  Apr 19, 2009 ~ 11:46am
Monica  Pure brilliance. I see you got your opportunity to come up with funkilicious names for your textures. Paypal here I come...  Apr 18, 2009 ~ 7:47am
Kathy Norwood  Definitely on my list of things to buy in the next couple of days. These are really cool.  Apr 17, 2009 ~ 2:57pm
jason  I second what dennis said. You're images are amazing. You've given us info on the white balance/exposure. Now we have the beautiful textures. Next on my wish list is the more insight into your post processing to prepare for the textures.  Apr 17, 2009 ~ 2:55pm
Candy  Ahhhhh....paypal sent. :)  Apr 17, 2009 ~ 12:36pm
Dennis Bullock  These are great Matt! But what all of us need is a video of you processing one of your SOOC images to get it to the before state. I would like a glimpse of that processing. Especially the 3rd and 9th image! Good stuff!  Apr 17, 2009 ~ 10:57am