Paige  My brother had a business where they did name a few paint colors for their furniture...white trash (grungy white) and smashed banana were 2 I remember.  Apr 1, 2009 ~ 2:12pm
Sharon in TX  Followed closely by those who get to name nail polish. This is one of my faves ... Aphrodite's Pink Nightie. :)  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 2:01pm
Melanie  I recognize the green paint samples... We did the bottom half of the wall in the baby's room in the bamboo green that is on the swatch in the front of your picture if you would like to see that color on the wall. It is bright, but we love it! Good luck picking colors! Melanie  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 11:05am
Monica  oops, forgot to add that Pottery Barn tells you what colors are on their walls in the catalogs, just to get another idea...  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 9:42am
Monica  Matt, we had this dilemma last year. The greatest tip was to find a pillow or fabric with a color combination you love, then build the room around those colors. I was able to pick the blue/gray of the walls from within the pillow. BTW: glad you have a different day job (two of them ;)  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 9:40am
kendra  My husband will appreciate this!!! He's a vet so any color other than blue reminds him of some nasty body fluid. It makes choosing paint colors almost unbearable. Our walls in the main living area are currently Calf-Scours (Diarrhea in laymans terms)-Brown. Thanks for the laugh!  Mar 31, 2009 ~ 1:14am