Elli  I had to laugh in the spirit of camaraderie - I just got my 20d back from Canon yesterday. It was an agonizing 2 weeks!!  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 3:03pm
Shelley Rankin  I will forgive you being a Nikon guy but I am dreading sending in my 5D. So glad to hear your's came back. And your image proves how wonderful a camera it is.  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 9:17am
Elaine  Great picture. Love how you used the iphone in the background.  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 6:57am
Candy  "Reuinted and it feels so gooooood...." (Peaches & Herb) Glad you've got it back. :)  Mar 26, 2009 ~ 3:00am