rosie  i will never purchase anything but another dyson as long as i shall live. you are not crazy - you're just smart! :)  Mar 3, 2009 ~ 8:24pm
Monica  Can't wait to see the iron you buy next ;) Yay, Kylie, great strategy getting a vaccum cleaner Matt's excited to use!!! Now go get that washer and dryer that Apple is sure to put out.  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 8:39am
Patrick  As an owner of 2 akitas and 3 cats, I have nothing but praise for the Dyson vacuum. We've burned out 2 others prior to the this vacuum, and, so far, it has outlasted the former by 3 years! A man's vaccum? No. It just works.  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 8:12am
Candy  HA HA HA - Men and their machines. :) But, seriously, if you have a newer carpet check the warranty. These suckers apparently suck so well that some carpet warranties are voided if you use a Dyson. (My dh told me that - he was told that by a carpet rep.)  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 11:40pm
Chung Nguyen  What is up with men and Dyson? They sure know how to market ("Make it look really high-tech, then men will want to buy them!"). But seriously... looking at the canister after a suck-fest grosses me out. Didn't realize so much stuff was in the carpet. Yikes!  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 9:10pm
Gina  Matt & Kylie...I have had my Dyson going on 4 years and it is still a good little sucker. Loooooveeee it!!!!  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 9:06pm