Ashley  Stunning shots! Rock on man, Loving your stuff.  Mar 18, 2009 ~ 10:18am
Angie Baxter  These are the most amazing Venice photographs I have seen.  Mar 12, 2009 ~ 4:22am
Stacy  Hey Matt ... I found your page from Blogsofphotogs ... these images of Venice are amazing. Do you sell your prints?  Mar 11, 2009 ~ 9:19pm
Calvin Hill  I have definitely have enjoyed this journey. Thank for the great pictures and thank you for your inspiration.  Mar 3, 2009 ~ 8:38pm
Cecile  Breathtaking - each and every one of them  Feb 28, 2009 ~ 12:17pm
Monica  Whoa! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and images with us. I can't wait for the book to come out!  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 8:47am
kendra  All of your images have been absolutely amazing, Matt! Thanks for sharing with us.  Feb 27, 2009 ~ 8:04am
michele  really enjoyed the eye candy! amazing work.  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 11:32pm
Amanda H  Amazing, beautiful and I do love that last one, fantastic!  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 4:11pm
Shelley Rankin  Unbelievable. Truly inspiring and jaw dropping. Your use of light, and composition as well as just having such an eye for detail. I hope you are putting together a gorgeous coffee table book with all of the photos you have show. Wow! Thanks for sharing!  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 2:28pm
Allison Davis  Matt, all of your honeymoon photos have been truly amazing! You are an incredibly talented photographer and artist and I hope you have great success in selling these images as well. Thank you for sharing these with us. It looks you guys shared a great adventure to kick off your marriage together. Best wishes!  Feb 26, 2009 ~ 10:20am
sally   WOW! If I ever am fortunate to are you & Kylie available for hire as travel planner & photo nanny? Truly amazing light & images.  Feb 25, 2009 ~ 7:34pm
jodi i am without any other words.  Feb 25, 2009 ~ 6:46pm
Sharon Manning  You have captured Venice perfectly, I hope to take my husband of 20 years back there very soon. I just hope I can capture it half as well as you have.  Feb 25, 2009 ~ 3:05pm
Candy  I don't know how many ways I can just say amazing. All of these gorgeous images and the incredibly beautiful Mrs. Nicolosi. A perfect trip. I can't wait to travel vicariously on your NEXT one. Where we goin'?  Feb 25, 2009 ~ 1:03pm
Philip Casey  LOL OH MY GOSH HOW MANY PICTURES DID YOU TAKE??? LOL I LOVE IT!!!  Feb 25, 2009 ~ 12:51pm