taj white  I just found your blog through an exclusive interview with Skye Hardwick. And I totally love you work. Also, thank you for sharing all the amazing tips and tutorials you share. I really enjoyed your details in this one. Thanks again!  Jun 1, 2011 ~ 12:27pm
Molly W.  Oh man I have so much to learn. Thanks Matt!  Jan 8, 2009 ~ 10:51pm
jason drumm  Thanks Matt!! Happy New Year!  Jan 5, 2009 ~ 11:43am
Rick  Matt, thanks for a great informative post. Very helpful.  Jan 5, 2009 ~ 9:29am
debra r  thanks for sharing your method... it's always nice to hear or see how the pro's are doing it. plus seeing it step by step. i am such a visual learner and it helps imensely..... THANKS!!!  Jan 5, 2009 ~ 8:48am
Dennis Bullock  Good stuff as usual Matt!  Jan 4, 2009 ~ 7:22pm
maggie  Thanks for such an awesome tutorial! How do you modify this for families on the go or quick moving kids?  Jan 4, 2009 ~ 2:26pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Patrick - Good input. Thanks for filling in the gaps! @ Debbie - I've tried the Expo Disc only once or twice, and I would get images that had a strong yellow cast to them, so I haven't bought into it. However, I know others that use it and love it. As with anything, I'd encourage you to try before you buy if you can.  Jan 4, 2009 ~ 2:03pm
Debbie Mehlhaff  Thanks, Matt. The videos on the PhotoVision site were also helpful. What size is your target? Have you or any of your readers tried an Expodisc for white balance?  Jan 4, 2009 ~ 12:20pm
Patrick  "In the image below, there was big open sky to Kylie's left with the house blocking light on her right which is why I had her hold the calibration target with the white strip on her left." Another point: Since Matt tends to use lots of fill light in his photography, you might also want to have the white side of the card closest to the point where the flash reflects off of the skin as a technique to accurately judge exposure.  Jan 4, 2009 ~ 11:23am
Paula  Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this process Matt! I can't wait to give this method a try.  Jan 4, 2009 ~ 10:29am
Tanya Mills  Thanks for your thorough description. It's very helpful. I must admit I was very curious about how you set your white balance and exposure when you posted an earlier picture of your lovely assistant holding the calibration target for another shoot.  Jan 3, 2009 ~ 7:27pm