Loree Sumner  Did you say Indiana? I thought that was a Colts Jersey =) I was just looking at your blog and thinking wow I wished he lived closer so I could have some pictures taken. Is your future wife from Indiana? I am in Indiana - I am also on the same forum as you (Creative Mentoring). I doubt you will be taking sessions when you are here for your wedding =)  Jan 7, 2009 ~ 12:07am
Adrienne  Those chocolate kiss cookies are the best.  Jan 2, 2009 ~ 2:30am
Jeana Bird  I love the father/daughter dance series...priceless.  Jan 2, 2009 ~ 2:02am
jason drumm  Thanks Matt, It feels better to know i'm not the only one with PS-OCD. I started as a graphic designer before falling in love with photography, so I had been in PS for 10 years before I began photographing. Actions are my best friend, and I may be stuck with PS-OCD for life. Thanks for sharing, and for sharing in my pain. J  Jan 1, 2009 ~ 4:40pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Jason. Thanks for the comments and good questions. In fact, I get the "How much/often do you work images in PS" a lot. The short answer is almost every image has a little PS love added in, even if it's just sharpening. Most of my images I add in at least a little contrast/punch and some sharpening, and I have actions set-up in PS that automate that pretty well. I've been trying to ween myself off PS, but it's a slow process. Believe it or not, I found it easier to add a little punch/saturation to my in-camera images when I was shooting with the D200, and as much as I love the D3 and would never give it up, it's not inherently intuitive to me how to adjust my in-camera settings to get that same contrast/punch. (BTW, I'm certain there's probably an easy way to do this that I'm just missing, so if anyone out there can enlighten me, you would rock forever). Bottom line, I'm still fairly Photoshop dependent to polish off images, but I'd love to either 1)spend less time doing this (via LR presets) or 2) ease up on my editing OCD and hire someone else to do this. Hope that helps.  Dec 31, 2008 ~ 6:10pm
jason drumm  I love the dust in the air on ally's second shot. epic. Matt, how many of these did you open in photoshop (not lightrom, but PS). Don't take that as an accusation. I'm just curios, because I have a terrible urge to photoshop every image for removing distracting background elements, custom vignette (shot 5?), facial surface blur, selective sharpening, etc. and I have to control myself from the extensive time I can spend in photoshop on every single image. Is that a tendency that you embrace or also try to stay away from?  Dec 29, 2008 ~ 4:38pm
Matt Nicolosi  @ Trish - The 14-24mm IS a sweet lens. I used the it for the first image in this post, and then all the others were taken with the 24-70 f/2.8 lens. Hope that helps!  Dec 29, 2008 ~ 12:10pm
Trish  Absolutly breathtaking as per usual! I love the bickies on the table YUM! What lens did you shoot #4 down with? My dad just got a D3 and a couple of lenses; one of them is the 14-24mm 2.8 which he let me play with (not allowed to touch the camera yet LOL) Sweet lens SWEET!  Dec 29, 2008 ~ 8:17am