Elaine  I have the same OCD issue except I'm in denial and plus...I like swiss cheese! as long as the picture hides it well! ;)  Dec 29, 2009 ~ 8:53am
laura stetser  This post made me laugh - the OCD part. I get it!! Awesome layout - love your work! My friend Cindy turned me on to your blog and I'm so glad she did. Happy New Year! Hope you're enjoying your time off.  Jan 1, 2009 ~ 9:52am
kimbrali  im copying this frame layout. thank you!! and wow. yes. you definitely have issues. ocd to the max. i have like 50 holes behind every fram on my walls. :)  Dec 30, 2008 ~ 4:49pm
kendra  Really? Someone with OCD who leaves doors open all the time? The wall looks awesome!  Dec 28, 2008 ~ 6:43pm
Shelley Rankin  Oh I need to do this. My walls always look like swiss cheese. Very cool looking!  Dec 28, 2008 ~ 12:36pm
Dennis Bullock  I have the same OCD issues Matt and AI is the answer. I actually offer this as an option to my clients because I think a lot of us suffer from this debilitating disease. Good stuff....  Dec 28, 2008 ~ 9:30am