Shelley Rankin  I can imagine it was a very difficult choice, yet this story certainly touched me. I will keep her and her family in my prayers as well as you. I believe we aren't doing service to God or ourselves if we don't use our talents for good deeds. You are more blessed for it!  Dec 28, 2008 ~ 12:35pm
Kim  I cried.  Dec 28, 2008 ~ 9:04am
Trina Knudsen  Hey Matt. It was very touching to read the nomination for the give-away. It is particularly touching to me because I work as a nurse at on the surgical floor of Huntsman Cancer Hospital in Salt Lake. At the hospital I see first hand the challenges of cancer in the lives individuals and their loved ones. I am inspired by the strength, the gratitude and attitude toward life of many of my patients. Thank you for using your talent to bless others. BTW...I love your work :).  Dec 28, 2008 ~ 12:04am
Lana  Matt, I know this was a hard decision to make. I know Julie's family will treasure the pictures always.  Dec 27, 2008 ~ 10:54pm
Candy  I hope you will be able to share some of these portraits with us. Truly a wonderful gift.  Dec 27, 2008 ~ 12:14pm
Dennis Bullock  I think this is an excellent choice Matt. Congrats on this project as I am sure it will be a blessing to both of you.  Dec 27, 2008 ~ 9:58am