Shari DeVoogd  These are amazing.....brought tears to my eyes amazing!  Nov 26, 2008 ~ 8:04am
Sharon  Exceptional! Love the colors and the texture on that last one.  Nov 20, 2008 ~ 10:11pm
Ms. Alva  By golly Matt, I believe you are going to grow up to be a respectable photographer yet. Great photos!  Nov 20, 2008 ~ 3:00pm
Shelley Rankin  These are truly wonderful. They even brought tears to my eyes. I believe you captured an amazing time, and managed to create some wonderful memories they will have for a lifetime!  Nov 20, 2008 ~ 7:02am
Jason Drumm  Great work Matt. Beautifully shallow DOF on some of these.  Nov 20, 2008 ~ 5:11am
Monica  Really touching work, Matt. Some of these images look 3D to me. A wonderful story captured and told.  Nov 19, 2008 ~ 9:20am
Paula Watson  MATT ! I LOVE THESE ! I cannot wait until this evening to check out all of them. As you know, I am SO EXCITED !  Nov 19, 2008 ~ 8:41am
Dennis  Amazing work Matt. I imagine the Watsons are going to treasure these photos for years!  Nov 19, 2008 ~ 7:46am
camille  what incredible memories you captured... i love them all. that hand picture really could speak a million words!  Nov 19, 2008 ~ 5:52am