tracy routh   Ha, ha, ha! I was wondering "what the hell is he talking about"  Nov 20, 2008 ~ 8:57am
Jenn  Haha! You had me going with the flash joke! (Was even funnier b/c I was just on B&H looking at flashes!)  Nov 19, 2008 ~ 10:26am
Cassidy Dawn  I so have those drives too - after I have gone so far, I'm thinking, how on earth did I do that?! Nice shot!  Nov 15, 2008 ~ 1:05pm
Calvin  That is a pretty powerful flash you have there. And for to direct the light the way you want. :)  Nov 14, 2008 ~ 2:38pm
Dianna  Hahaha, nice. I read that and thought, "yes, you ARE that good."  Nov 14, 2008 ~ 10:16am
Garry  I thought you might have shot this with your camera phone. You can make plan shots look fabulous with your talent.  Nov 14, 2008 ~ 9:37am
Karen  before reading your last comment, i was like, "what???"  Nov 14, 2008 ~ 9:08am
Monica  Nice capture--the moon was beauteous that night! May I ask where you metered for this shot?  Nov 14, 2008 ~ 9:07am