Minal P  This entry was truly breathtaking! Y'all make a beautiful couple!  Nov 28, 2008 ~ 6:10pm
Ms. Alva  This is indeed a grand entrance. Great photos!  Nov 20, 2008 ~ 2:58pm
Rachel L.  They are stunning! Congrats again...on the canvas....AND the bride!  Nov 15, 2008 ~ 9:48am
Calvin  Awesome!!  Nov 14, 2008 ~ 2:39pm
kimbrali  eeeeeekkkk. they look soooo awesome! such a perfect little place for those canvases. so i want to see more pics of the house!  Nov 13, 2008 ~ 4:42pm
Molly W.  AWESOME. Looks great!  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 3:15pm
Katie Arndt  I just got a box from Simply Canvas yesterday!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited every time I get them. Your pics look great!  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 2:08pm
Candy  Gorgeous.  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 11:10am
Tina  Awesome.  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 9:50am
Monica  I imagine there must be some sort of music playing as well? Seriously, it's beautiful and some nice energy in your entryway.  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 9:19am
Jess  Looks beautiful! Congrats!  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 9:04am
Dia  I like the shrine.....er, um, display. LOL!  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 9:04am
Karen  SO BEAUTIFUL!! You and Kylie make a gorgeous couple...and Kimbrali did an amazing job! Thanks again for your help, you're the best!  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 9:04am
Dennis  Looks great guys!  Nov 12, 2008 ~ 7:36am