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The Lost Kid Photos / the Mythical Fish Revealed
WHO: The Fun Bunch Kids   |   WHAT: Kids, Personal   |   WHEN: September 22, 2010   |   WHERE: Plano, TX
So, back in early May Kylie and I went to a backyard cookout/get-together at a friend's house, and I took my camera along for the ride.  While we were there, I casually photographed some of the kiddos playing in the backyard and mentioned I'd share the images with the parents.  Let's see.... that was over 4 months ago.  Kinda like the notorious monster fish your buddy allegedly caught but no one's actually ever seen, the images from that day back in May have become that fish... until now. 

The other day I was perusing through my image archives and stumbled upon the images from that get-together.  So, without further ado, and to get the ridicule of my friends off my back and to make that monster fish real, here are the images from 4 months ago.

For some reason, every time I caught Max looking at me, I also found myself staring down the barrel of one of his assault weapons.  Maybe it's because I posted this image back in '07 for all his future girlfriends to see.

Here's little Ryah.  She's a poser and a natural in front of the camera.

Sweet Julia has the most amazing eyes...

... and fun whispy hair.

Wish I hadn't cut her hand off in this image, but I still like it.

Nevin's one good-lookin' dude, isn't he?  Looks a little like a young John Travolta starter kit in this image.

And here' Nevin's sister Naomi.  Two words... fun & adorable.

Ahhh... baby Harper.  So pensive and precious.

Max seems pleased with this arms deal.

Poor Sam.  He and his pirate hat weren't getting along.

Big man Loric in his warrior gear. I believe he shot and/or stabbed me and proclaimed me dead roughly 14 times.

Apparently Transformer masks were better suited than pirate hats for Sam on this day.


The Toscana Collection
WHAT: For Photographers, News, Products & Display Ideas   |   WHEN: September 20, 2010   |   WHERE: On the wall
Clients often get overwhelmed when I ask them at their pre-session consultation if they've thought about how they might want to display their images from our upcoming session.  Choosing a display method is just as important as choosing the right images for that display, and it's easy to understand how people can worry about making the right decision(s) with all the options available to them.  There's no need to panic, though.

I want my clients to be as comfortable and confident as they possibly can in making those final image/display decisions, so in addition the a la carte options I've always had, a little over a year ago I put together a few sample wall collections as ideas for helping clients to decide what to do with their images.  They certainly have the freedom to order custom collections that I may not have listed as everyone has different needs; I've simply found clients are much more confident in their purchase decisions if they can 'try before they buy' so to speak, and being able to see these collections in a real space can provide comforting validation when they're making an investment in custom photography.  To do that, I've put several of the collections up on walls in my own home so that they can see them when they come in for their viewing/ordering session.  This, in combination with seeing virtual layouts on a computer display using images of walls from their own home, is a huge help in making those final decisions.

That being said, here's one of the collections I offer.  I used images from my trips to Paris earlier this year for this display which currently resides in our living room.  Here's the details:

T H E   T O S C A N A   C O L L E C T I O N

The Toscana Collection is a canvas gallery wrap collection made up of 6 pieces in the following sizes:

40x25 ~ main centerpiece image
20x30 (x2) ~  outside images
12x12 (x3) ~ lower middle images

Each canvas is wrapped on a 2.5" wooden stretcher framed, signed, and coated with an environmentally safe protective sealant.

This collection is ideal for larger wall spaces, e.g. above a sofa, in a long hallway or on a dining room wall, and becuase of the number of pieces and variety of sizes of images in the Toscana Collection, it can often be broken up into smaller groupings to fit multiple smaller spaces as well.


Thorsten [Dallas Family Photographer]
WHO: Baby Thorsten   |   WHAT: Kids, Newborns   |   WHEN: September 19, 2010   |   WHERE: Dallas, TX
A few days ago, I posted a little sneak peek about little Thorsten.  And now that mom Beth, dad Ferdinand, and Thorsten himself came in for their viewing appointment, I'm excited to share Thorsten's photographic debut with the rest of the internet.

Kylie an I were blessed to have meet Beth and Ferdinand when we were assigned to the same newlyweds foundation group through church back in March of last year.  This was a group of 7 couples going through the same stage of life having been married 0-3 years, and a little more than 18 months later, we're honored to be sharing our lives with such a wonderful couple.  In February of this year, they gave birth to this handsome little guy, and he's been the center of their world ever since.  We finally got together on Labor Day weekend to capture a few images of baby Thorsten to document this wonderful time in his life.  Here's some of my favorites from our session.

In this first image, I had to laugh to myself because I asked Ferdinand to stand behind me and talk to Thorsten to get him looking my way, and I couldn't understand a word Ferdinand said.  He's from Germany and was speaking his native language to little Thorsten, and whatever he was sayin' was workin'.  Gesundheit and Fahrvegnügen is about the extent of my German vocabulary, so I appreciate dad's help!

Check it out; Throsten's got customized shoes with his name on them.  Rock on!

Love this shot of Ferdinand and Thorsten.

Such a sweet moment between mom and son.


Full of Hot Air
WHAT: Personal, Random   |   WHEN: September 19, 2010   |   WHERE: Plano Balloon Festival

Kylie and I went to the Plano Balloon Festival last night with our friends Amy & Daniel.  Maybe I'm just gettin' old and cranky, but festivals don't seem to have quite the nostalgic allure I remember as a kid.  And about 1 every year or two is all I can tolerate.  I dunno, maybe it's the big, stinky crowds.  Maybe it's the terrible, overpriced food.  Actually, lemme qualify that... some of the food in all it's fried glory is good, but it's terrible for you, like so bad that it makes a Big Mac and it's 2 all "beef" patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a sesame seed bun seem like a healthy alternative. 

Everything is is such excess... the crowds, the lines, the calories, the prices, the glutony, the smell of port-a-potty's baking in 95 degree sun...  It's kinda like someone said, 'Hey, let's take everything that's ugly about America and make an event out of it, and we'll charge people admission to see it.'  Maybe I just have this disillusion in my head that there still exists those nostalgic, cool hometown feel festivals that are more about the experience and less about the capitalism... like in Sweet Home Alabama, Sleeping with the Enemy, and Elizabethtown.  You know, the festivals like those in chick flicks.  Maybe I want a chick flick festival.  Please chime in with a comment if you know of any such festivals, 'cause I wanna put 'em on my list of places to see.

Wow, look at me bein' all negative.  Okay, sorry... I'm over it.

And hey, the balloon launch was, after all, kinda cool.

And so was the balloon glow.


WHO: Mia   |   WHAT: Dogs   |   WHEN: September 16, 2010   |   WHERE: Casa de Nicolosi
Me, Mia and the 85mm f/1.4 were out in the back yard this evening, and we all played nice with each other to create a few images of our little girl.  She hasn't been on the blog lately, and she recently got a little trim and was feelin' extra spiffy, so I obliged her request for a little face time with the internet.

Nobody puts Mia in the corner.  Except me. For this photo.

I was outside, and she was inside... so we had a staring contest through the screen window.  I won.  I always win.  She has the attention span of a... dog.

Love it when she tilts her head like this.  Like one of Pavlov's dogs, any time I need this look, any of the following phrases will result in the look below:

Wanna treat?
Wanna go for a ride?
Wanna play?
Where's your toy?
Is daddy your favorite?
Am I more awesome than mom?
Pretend you have a crick in your neck.
Tilt your head to the right if you think I'm an idiot.
Stare at me if you wish I'd go away.


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