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Day 266 ~ Autumn Arrives
WHAT: Project 365 (2009), Random   |   WHEN: September 28, 2009
It starts.  The tell tale signs of Autumn are slowly showing their face around here.  Pumpkins are taking over the local farmer's market.  Colored corn is making it's annual push for the decor of choice for the season.  A little chill is accompanying the evening air.  (Well, except today when it was 96 degrees... I did say slowly, didn't I?)  Summer is fading, and I couldn't be more excited.  Where've you been, fall?  'Bout time you were on your way.

Here's a couple images I grabbed from the [closed] farmer's market while waiting on my Dan Dan Noodles w/ chicken from Pei Wei Saturday night. 


Day 264 ~ Friday, Friends & Football
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: September 26, 2009
Went to a high school football game Friday night with some friends. It was 41-0 at half time, so we headed out at the break. Good thing, otherwise they mighta needed to roll me out in a cart if we'd stayed to the end. Somethin' about nostalgia & cheap HS game food triggers a loss of will power... I had two sausage wraps, a bag of chips, half a Kylie's Frito Pie, a Coke, and for dessert a Milky Way... before the first 2 quarters were over. I'm getting a little naseated just thinking about it now.

I didn't count, but if I had to guess, I think there were about 4,150 kids in the Allen HS band. They covered the whole field... seriously.

A little self-portrait on the track behind the stands.

Jerry & Tina's daughter Trinity heading for the car.


Day 263 ~ Level Headed
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: September 24, 2009
Oh, c'mon... was the title for this photo that bad?  If so, I'm blaming it on my iPhone because without it, this photo would not have been made.  They should make an app that does quality control on blog post titles.  Uhh, dude, you're about to call your blog post something really lame.  You sure you wanna do that? Maybe you should reconsider.

Anywho, I think the point of this post - before going south from teh very first sentence - was that people often get hung up thinking they could take better pictures "if I only had that camera or that lens".  I'm not gonna lie and say equipment doesn't matter; it certainly can allow you to do some things you might not otherwise be able to do. BUT, you can take great images with pretty inexpensive gear.  Take the picture below for example.  Kylie snapped this lame photo of me (I call it lame, because it was my idea) with my iPhone in a parking garage in very little light.  While it's not a great photo technically (btw, I did do some minimal tweaking in Photochop) and I look like a tool, in general the results of the image ain't bad. But for some serious camera phone skills, check out Chase Jarvis' iPhone as Art series.

Cheesy blog post titles aside, don't go out spending serious dough on a camera thinking it's going to make you take better photos than you can with the camera you've already got, especially if you haven't spent some time learning the ins and outs of the gear you own. 

Shoot, I just might make my iPhone my back-up camera.


Mia M.I.A.
WHAT: Dogs, Fun   |   WHEN: September 23, 2009
It's been awhile since Mia's made the blog.  In fact, she's feeling a little neglected, especially since other dogs have been featured recently. To get back in good graces with here, here's a couple quick iPhone videos showing what she's been up to.

In this first clip, she's "up to" about 4 and a half feet.  I had let her outside to, um, take care of some business when our next door neighbor, Chase, rang the doorbell to drop some stuff off.  Mia, hearing the doorbell from outside in the back yard, always wants to be the greeting party, so she was trying to get the 411 on who was in her house.

And in this second cameo, she's having a panic attack seeing and hearing a squeaky toy in a car commercial on the TV.  Not sure the makers of this commercial thought about the reaction dogs at home everywhere across the country would have when they pitched this commercial idea.  Or maybe they did, and they secretly laugh every time it comes on.


Day 261 ~ Pop Quiz
WHAT: Fun, Project 365 (2009)   |   WHEN: September 21, 2009
$10 iTunes gift card to the first person that can tell me what the object in the image below used to be. 

One guess per person per household.

Wait, not yet...
Okay, stop.


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