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The World's Most Humbling Food
WHAT: Fun   |   WHEN: June 15, 2008
Wings... one of life's little ironies. God's way of having a little fun with us. Why else would he tempt us with something so good to eat, but impossible to do gracefully? And guys (or ladies), if you're in a relationship and not sure you think it's working out, if you're looking for an easy way to end it, just take your not-so-significant other out for dinner and let her or him see you eat wings. You won't have to worry about ending it... after seeing you imitate a Neanderthal with the carnage of bones on your plate and sauce covering every orifice on your face, you'll be lucky if they hang around long enough for the bill to arrive.

Fortunately for me, Kylie's known me long enough that she's willing to see past this humbling craving of mine. Buffalo Wild Wings is probably my favorite stop for wings, so we lathered up our faces and fingers with BBQ sauce before heading over to a park in Addison for an outdoor showing of The Sandlot. Other than the herds of Junebugs flying around (it is June after all), it was a fantastic way to catch a free classic movie out in the grass on a blanket on a Saturday night.


[Unusually] Lazy Saturday
WHAT: Personal   |   WHEN: June 13, 2008

It's been a looooong time since I've taken most of a weekend off, and it was re-fresh-ing. I even joined Kylie at the pool for a while, which never happens. I think I put like SPF 140 on since it's been awhile [read: years] since my chest and back had seen the sun. Yeah, no photos were or will be taken documenting that frightening sight.

We took a walk a little later that night around sundown and took advantage of the perfect light to grab a few casual images.

Love her eyes in this one.

Ha ha... strategic crop for my big ol' forehead. I think it means I have a big brain... tragic that I'm only using a fraction of it.

Only took us 4 or 5 tries to get this one. Crazy timer. "Um, why are they laying in rocks?" That's what you were thinking, wasn't it? That's Dallas' version of a beach. J/K, actually we were at a playground in a neighborhood park and the low concrete retainer wall was the closest thing we could put the camera on for a little timer action.


Allie - Vintage Meets Contemporary
WHAT: Bridals   |   WHEN: June 10, 2008
I love bridal sessions. I could do nothing but bridal sessions and be happy as a photographer doing nothing but bridal sessions. The brides always look stunning and are ridiculously excited about their upcoming wedding day and they're willing to do crazy things all in the name of an artistic image that will make them look amazing. And best of all, unlike (most) children they can't move very fast and they're (usually) extremely cooperative. C'mon, as a photographer does it get any better? I submit it does not.

Meet Allie. I've never met a bride that had a harder time not smiling. You wouldn't know it from some of the images below, but it was work for her to keep a straight face. Man did she pull it off, though. She and Josh are committing their lives to each other on June 28th... for the 2nd time. Yep, they already had a small, quick ceremony - a dry run ya might call it - not too long ago when they unexpectedly found out Josh was notified he was being deployed to Afghanistan. Shortly after they got married, Josh then found out he now didn't have to leave until January, so the "official" wedding is back on.

Isn't Allie a gorgeous bride? One of the coolest things to me about this session is that she is wearing the wedding dress her grandmother Judy wore 50 years ago with a few modern updates her aunt Debbie was ale to make. How cool is that? Very vintage contemporary.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our session together.


Angie & Jeff ~ Expecting
WHAT: Maternity   |   WHEN: June 8, 2008

I recently met Angie and Jeff for a maternity session at their beautiful home as their expecting their 2nd little one any day now. We we originally going to do an outdoor session, but summer heat has set in pretty early this year in Texas, and if we'd done the session outside I'm certain we'd have been headed to the hospital... the only question would've been whether it was because Angie went into labor or I passed out from overheating.

Meet Angie. Doesn't she look fantastic at 9 months?

I also got to meet sweet little Sophia. She was a little shy at first, but she came around after we started playing the "are-you-ticklish-I'm-gonna-get-you" game. She's ready to be a big sister.

Check out Angie's cool toe nails with the flowers. Completely fits her sweet & adorable personality.


Something Cool for Dad
WHAT: News   |   WHEN: June 6, 2008
Dad got enough ties? Does he already have more tools than the garage will hold (and - like me - not know how to use them)? His watch still tickin'? Why not give him something different that he'll remember for years to come and something the whole family can do together? Photography gift certificates are available in any amount, so just email us or call the studio at 214-621-4264 to surprise dad this Father's Day with something fun.

Okay, that's the end of this mini photomercial. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.


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